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The Producer

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The Producer

£ P.O.A (starts from circa £3,800)

Completely self sufficient and easy to use indoor garden

Completely self sufficient. The Producer is a turnkey operation, just plug it in, add your nutrients, and you are ready to grow.

Revolutionary computer control centre. Proprietary GrowSmart technology makes for the most userfriendly model available on the market. Preprogrammed to perfectly control all levels of watering, c02 injection (1600 PPM), lighting, air circulation & exhaust.

Dimensions are 137cm Wide x 118cm Tall x 70cm Deep.

Plugs into normal 240v. Low power (Draws approx 8 amps, less than most appliances)

Unlimited tech support is included.

The Producer also comes with a full 1 year warranty.

An easy to follow manual with step-by-step pictures is included with every Producer providing quick access to answers when you need them.

Chamber Features

White powder coated finish utilizes maximum reflectivity, providing an industry leading lumen per watt ratio. Over 180,000 lumens of light is provided to the flowering chamber.

The Producer(TM) is powered by dual 430 watt high output H.P.S. bulbs air cooled lighting system, enabling an optimum environment for 18 plants. An independent exhaust system maintains the ideal growing temperature by allowing the heat created from the H.P.S. bulbs to be removed from the unit immediately.

The Producer features 5 individual exhaust systems. 1 within each glass enclosed lighting system on each side, 1 moving fresh air over the ballasts and electrical components (ensuring longevity), 1 inside the flowering chamber drawing fresh air in and 1 exhausting through the coco-carbon filter. These fans work symbiotically to extract the heated air and maintain optimal growing temperature.

The Producer features a pioneering, easy to use, automatic CO2 injection system. Simply hook up the tank (not included) and the Producer takes care of everything.

The Producer is made from high quality precision cut aluminium, providing durability and allowing for easy cleaning (no mould or mildew build up!).

Propagating seeds or cuttings can be achieved with ease within the Producer. With a simple flick of a switch you can turn from your H.P.S. flowering bulbs to a 125 watt self ballasted fluorescent bulb ideal for vegetative growth.

Hydroponics Watering System

The complete hydroponics watering system features a clean and quiet, 400 litre per hour pump that leave water free from contaminates. The pump feeds each plant individually via regulated drip emitters.

Thermoformed reservoir and a custom designed lid allows for optimal plant spacing, feeding, and easy drainage.

The water reservoirs are oxygenated using air bubblers that will ensure the roots receive the oxygen necessary for superb root development..

Manual override switch allows the pump to be easily turned off mid cycle for easy nutrient exchange and maintenance.

Custom fit net pots easily accept the included rock wool cubes, minimizing root and plant damage during transplanting.

Filtration System

The coco carbon filter boasts a large internal filtering area to eliminate odours. All air is passed though the coco carbon filter, the result is clean, scent-less air.

The only item the customer is responsible for are:

C02 tank (cannot ship as it is compressed air) – Growing Life provide the regulator, co2 hook-ups and a pre-programmed timer to automatically inject the perfect amount of c02 in the BloomBox daily. Simply get a CO2 tank, rented or purchased from a local bottled gas supplier, and see manual to hook up tank.

The Producer Royale

The Producer Royale is perfect for those who wish to grow a variety of plants. Everything you need comes shipped inside The Producer with no extras on shipping.

You receive over £1100 in accessories including all back-up parts and bulbs, a year’s supply of Advanced Nutrients and BCNL’s factory exclusive: The Dryer!


Everything you need for a turnkey solution. The accessory pack includes: Digital PH Pen, Digital TDS Pen, Electrode Storage Solution, Measuring Syringe, Pruning Scissors, Cloning Scalpel and Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer.

Dryer Included!

Our easy to use Dryer has over 7.5 square feet of curing space. The Dryer will help protect you from mould, offensive odors, and the mess normally associated with curing. This little wonder really helps speed up drying time.

Ordering & Delivery

Please contact us for delivery timeframe and costs. Due to exchange rates and transatlantic freight price fluctuations we like to quote an order by order basis.

The following information is for guidance estimate only.
Shipment by sea freight takes 3-6 weeks, by air 1 week.
Producer only circa £3,800 inc freight & VAT.
Producer Royal only circa £4,300 inc freight & VAT.

Please call us directly on 0207 033 9541
Or free from a landline on 0800 083 3437

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