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Mist Galore

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Mist Galore

Mist Galore



Mist Galore is a revitalising foliar application adding vigour and boosting leaf growth.

Key benefits

Develops bigger healthier leaves.

Corrects problems created by irregular feeding.

For "emergency feeding" - Mist Galore provides a high-speed way to feed your plants through their leaves.

Further information

Leaves are where the complex chemical processes of photosynthesis produce the compounds your plants need for growth. Being applied to your plants’ leaves, Mist Galore's nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sea plant extracts) and acids (amino acids, humic acids and fulvic acids) are absorbed at the site where they will be used and so are faster acting than nutrients and acids absorbed through the roots.

How to use

Mix Mist Galore in spray bottle at 50ml per litre of tepid water. Spray covering all surfaces.

For best results

Coverage and effectiveness are maximised by adding FM Mister Bond (at 2 ml/L) or a quality horticultural wetting agent.

When to use

Use twice per week in vegetative growth and the first two week of the flowering period. Apply at the end of the day, allowing for maximum absorption and drying in darkness.

Mist Galore is available in a 275ml size.

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