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GHE Flora Series

"Few who master Flora Series "Gro Bloom Micro" ever go back to 1-part or 2-part (AB) formulas." Flora series is suitable for all growing methods.

Recognized world wide as an industry standard hydroponic nutrient, Flora is a dynamic, evolving formula, constantly updated, and adapted to the latest scientific discoveries. The 3 part nutrient concept was created by Dr. Cal Herrmann, formerly senior chemist at NASA, in collaboration with the University of Davis, California.

GHE Bio Roots

An organic root growth activator.

Bio Roots is a highly concentrated root growth activator, so although the bottle is small it goes a long way.

GHE Bio Bloom

An organic flowering activator.

GHE Diamond Nectar

An exclusive humic acid extract, rich in essential organic elements, to facilitate better absorption of plant nutrients.

GHE Ripen

Late flowering nutrient, used in the greenhouse industry as a forcing solution, specifically designed to speed up and enhance the ripening process.

Note: Ripen is a nutrient, and is not to be confused with a 'flush' or 'clearing' solution.

Online Catalogue | Nutrients & Additives |  GHE