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Taking Cuttings

Everything you need to ensure the continuation of your chosen species. Call us instore if you've never tried to take cuttings and we can offer advice to get you through.

Reverse Osmosis Machines

Pure Water for Your Plants

Scissors & blades

Scissors, pruners and scalpels. No home gardener can do without this section, whether pruning ornamentals, training plants or taking your own cuttings everyone will find something invaluable here.

Hang, Seal and Support

Hanging lights, sealing ducting, supporting your plants. Solutions to suit every situation.

pH Up and pH Down

Small amounts of pH Up & pH Down are used to adjust the acidity of the nutrient solution to the optimum pH value for your plants. For many herbaceous plants optimum growth is achieved in slightly acidic conditions, that is apprximately pH of 5 to 6.5.

Hazardous products – handle with care at all times.

Acidity (pH) Testing

A pH kit, meter or monitor tells us the acidity of a nutrient solution on a "pH" scale of 0 - 14 (0 = highly acidic, 7 = neutral, 14 = highly alkaline). All species have an "optimum" pH value at which nutrient uptake is at its most efficient and maximum growth rates achieved.

Nutrient Testing

Nutrient meters & monitors tell us the "strength" - or concentration - of plant food in a nutrient solution. Adding food increases nutrient strength and crucially the Electrical Conductivity (EC), so the EC value tells us if we are under/over feeding.

Remember if you are using organic nutrients they don't register on a nutrient meter like mineral salt based foods so double check your dilution ratios & calculations before watering!

Measuring Equipment

Every garden needs equipment to measure, whether nutrients, additives or friendly bacterial treatments. Get accuracy when you need it.

Foliar feeding? Need a pressurised sprayer for large applications its all in here.

Tools for identifying pests, fungal attacks or just admiring your handy work.

Pest and Disease

Even tightly controlled indoor gardens are not immune to pests and disease. Whilst hydroponics gardens are free from soil born diseases, pests such as spider mites can be a menace. Prevention and cure found here.

Reflective Sheeting & tapes

Range of reflective materials & fixing tapes used to maximise lighting intensity & effeciency by reflecting light, that would otherwise be lost, back into the garden area.

Our reflective sheeting includes:
Mylar film/Silver finishes
White and Black plastics

Thermometers and Hygrometers

It is imperative to have your grow environment's temperature and humidity within the correct range for the species you are growing. Use this section to monitor these factors and ultimately take the right steps to provide the conditions your plants require.

Timers and Plugs

Whether you use watering systems or artificial lighting for your plants, you'll be able to control them all with our range of timers and modifying units.

Online Catalogue |  Growers Toolbox