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Composting with Worms

Vermicomposting - composting with worms.

Wormeries offer a great home composting solution, quickly turning your organic waste into rich compost & nutritious organic plant food (politely referred to as 'worm tea'!). With over 120 million years experience in composting worms are good at what they do.

After cropping your garden or preparing veggies & salads don't throw the useful left overs out with the rubbish!

Composting with Bokashi

Home composting with Bokashi Bins is an easy, clean & efficient way to deal with plant & meat waste indoors. Just add Bokashi Active Bran to all your food scraps and kitchen waste. No worms, just lots of friendly micro-organisms giving accelerated compost!

Stop the rot, get bokashi bins. These tidy composting bins are great for safely composting meat & dairy food wastes as well as raw/cooked organic waste.

Online Catalogue |  Home Composting