Identifying Common Plant Pests
Pest Picture
Aphids Aphids
They are very small with light coloured bodies. They leave a sticky residue on the leaves
Caterpillar Caterpillar
Most kinds of caterpillar are considered plant pests and will eat the leaves
Cockroaches Cockroaches
Small dark coloured insects with beetle like bodies
Cutworms Cutworms Small worm type insects that curl up into a ring shape. They eat through plant roots and topple the plant
European Corn Borers European Corn Borers Small, 1 inch long caterpillars who bore into plant stems and eat them from the inside out
Fungus Gnats Fungus Gnats The hatched offspring of tiny black flies. The maggots  attack plant roots
Imported Cabbage Worms Imported Cabbage Worms
Small velvety green caterpillars that eat plant leaves
Leaf Hoppers Leaf Hoppers
Small, 1/8 inch long, wedge shaped insects that suck the sap from the plant leaves
Mealy bugs Mealy bugs
Small bugs create white, powdery masses on leaves and stem joints
Root Maggots Root Maggots
Fly larvae that hatch at the base of the plants and eat the roots
Spider Mites spidermite
Red, yellow or green microscopic bugs forming cobwebs
Thrips Thrips
Very small and slender bugs leaving dark blobs on the leaves
Whiteflies Whiteflies Tiny, white flying bugs