Planting Schedule for Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Sow Indoors
Sow Under Cloth Sow  Outdoors Thin Transplant Harvest
Broad Bean
October in cooler places October or March/April

May to September
Broad Bean February in pots or modules

when 7.5 to 10cm
July to September
Runner Bean
April May to June

July to October

April to June May to July
June to September

April to May
July/August April to May (next year)
Savoy Cabbage

March to April

January to March (next year)

March to May
May to June

July to November (lift and store)
Courgette April to May

June July to October (pick at approx. 15cm

April to May

June to July November to April
Leek Stem or bud
March to April
May to June October to April
Lettuce February to October in modules March to September April to September
as required

When ready
Spring Onions

August to April

January to October
Onion Sets

March to April July to September (lift and store)
Peas February to April
When 5 to 7.5cm July to September

October or March (rounded)/April to June (wrinkled)

June to September

March to April July to October (lift and store)