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Pots and Trays

Online Catalogue |  Pots and Trays

Pots and Saucers

Quality plastic pots ideally suited & forever popular with urban gardeners.

We have round pots & saucers, square pots & hydroponic net pots. If you can't see the pot you would like please feel free to contact us directly & we will see what we can do.


Make watering as easy as possible. Autopot's award winning system allows you to leave your garden for extended periods of time.

Our London shop offers a wide range of Autopot solutions.

Gardener's Trays

Garden trays are no doubtable multi-purpose in home & garden, but if you want to bring the garden into the home a garden tray is a very good idea.

Spaces & gardens come in all shapes and sizes, so do the trays we offer! High quality, robust garden trays. Makes maintaining a good clean environment easy.

Garland products are made from recycled plastic in the UK.

Butts and Irrigation Fittings

If you love a challenge, we stock all the fittings required to create your own watering systems at home. From drip irrigation lines in your garden to mini sprinklers in your own propagation units you'll find it all here at your fingertips.

Online Catalogue |  Pots and Trays