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Comprehensive range of propagators from leading manufacturers. All come complete with vented humidity domes in a variety of sizes & options... either unheated, heated or with variable heat control.

Aeroponics systems provide an automatic watering solution making life easy & give astonishingly fast rooting! Aeroponic propagators are in this section.

Propagation Media

Propagation, the first stage in the life cycle of a plant. Growing Life's London shop offers a range of premium quality propagation media specifically designed & offered for the purpose, including hydroponic growing media, soil, peat, coco & more. Take a look.

Anything you might want to grow your seeds in found here.

Taking Cuttings

Everything you need to ensure the continuation of your chosen species. Call us instore if you've never tried to take cuttings and we can offer advice to get you through.

Fluorescent Lighting

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) are excellent for seedlings and cuttings and very energy efficient. The 125W, 200W and 250W blue CFL lamps are our most popular lamps for propagation and vegetative growth. Over recent years the use of Red 125W, 200W and 250W CFL flowering lamps has also increased significantly.

Also find the ever reliable 55W propagation lights in here, perfect in small spaces.

T5s are the new generation in propagation lighting providing crisp light for smaller plants.

Also find everything you need to go along with your flourescent lighting within this section.

Online Catalogue |  Propagation