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Growing Life: Customer Gardens - get money back!

Proud of the urban garden you have created with the support of Growing Life? We'd love to see it. Provide us with photos to share on our website and we will offer you credit notes in exchange.
Here are urban garden experiences supported by Growing Life that customers wanted to share:

Home Garden Irrigation System, Victoria Park E3

Growing Life installed a domestic irrigation system into the rear garden of a large Victorian terrace. The family were going on summer holiday for 4 weeks! Our installation waters for 30 minutes every morning and evening. Systems like this typically cost about £250 - £1000 in materials. This project took about 20 hours to design and install. We offer design and installation services or supply only.

Vertical Hydroponic Lettuce Garden, Dalston E8

This system was put together by Little Bee Community with the help of Growing Life - for a total cost of about £175.00
little bee community work in the social space to improve lives in meaningful ways. This includes fundraising for charities and voluntary organisations and working with the private sector to improve sustainability.

Mr A. Landlord, Roof garden irrigation, EC1

Growing Life designed and installed this irrigation system for a roof garden terrace in Clerkenwell, EC1.This installation runs of mains water, making daily manual watering a thing of the past. Fitted with an easy to use multi program timer and adjustable dripper stakes this garden is set to thrive and save lots of time!

Not everyone wants a garden to be a labour of love... in this case a landlord!

The Alma, irrigation for pub garden, Newington Green, London, N1

Growing Life designed and implemented a 500 litre rainwater harvesting & irrigation system for local pub The Alma. Two large water butts take feeds from the roof tops and distribute the water through a gravity fed irrigation system to all outdoor flowers pots, containers and beds allowing the roots to take up water as and when they need it. Food waste from the pub kitchen is recycled composted to provide organic plant food, compost & micro-organism rich soil conditioners.

Great garden results, eco-friendly & minimal maintainance cost.

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Crystal, Occupation full time school kid !! London, E17

After she had been learning about growing plants at school Growing life provided her with some Field Marshal plant nutrients that taught her how important and how much difference a good plant nutrient program can make. In the pictures she is growing peas and runner beans.

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King Henry's Walk, Community Garden, N1

Growing Life supports and supply's with soils, trays, sheeting, bamboo etc.

The aim is to deliver growing projects to children in schools across north east London.

The photos show examples of growing projects with a theme of recycling used packaging materials - such as a vertical wall garden made from a used wooden pallet and a bean plant in a bean can.

Paradise Park Community Centre, Islington, London, N1

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly prevalent members of the urban gardening playground for architects. Unfortunately, having spent £100,000, due to a failure of the watering system that they selected the plants have not faired well.

The project, managed by Marie Clarke Associates, is the first hydroponic building of its type in the UK.

Such living green walls are still very much in the experimental stage of their development. Hopefully such failures will only serve to ensure future successes. Having spent all that dosh, we hope they overcome the obstacles! Growing Life supplied Islington Council 'Parks & Green Areas' division with Canna nutrients and nutrient testing equipment (we weren't responsible for the irrigation system or the £100,000 project bill!!)

Dan. Occupation: chef. Location: Highbury, N5.

Dan grows indoor and outdoors to provide food for himself and Roux restaurant, Parliament Square, London, where he works as a chef. The main crops they grow are cress, fennel, red and green mustard, corriander and nasturtium for the restaurant, plus many more for himself. As you can see from the photos his garden, diner and ultility room are bursting with life. The garden uses natural and artificial lighting on soil, coco and soil-free (hydro) micro salads.

Pete Collard, Innovation Greenhouse, Victoria and Albert Museum, SW7

Innovation Greenhouse presents new ideas on materials that are currently being developed from plants. The living greenhouse in the tunnel entrance shows growing examples of some of these plants, and is complemented by an exhibition on this research in the Link Corridor. The London Design Festival Innovation Greenhouse is a collaboration between London Design Festival, Kingston University, China Academy of Art and the V&A.

Simon. Occupation: Graphic Designer. Stoke Newington N16

Simon only has a small balcony and it is devoted to his plants. This year Simon has grown courgettes and herbs on his balcony and his beloved 4 year old chilli plant is cared for indoors, getting a little extra help from a horticultural lamp.

Fifeteen, London E1 (Jamie Oliver)

MetaboliCity is a design-led urban farming initiative with the aim to create less fragmented and more sustainable cities. The project is part of a research project at Central School of St. Martins, sponsored by the Audi Foundation.

A network of small-scale, distributed Grow-Labs develop solutions to integrate both traditional and hi-tech agricultural techniques into the fabric of the built environment. Some of the experiments include hydroponic, solar powered window farms, vertical green cladding retrofit to facades and organically grown vegetables climbing up street lamps in housing estates.

Growing Life worked on the project as a hydroponics consultant working through various specifications for the multi-site project including Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant in which a bespoke hydroponic unit was designed, based on the GHE Aeroflow system.

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Barny's Place: Window garden for organic food bar, London E1

Growing Life was brought a brief by a landscape architect to conceive, implement and support a productive garden window display for Barny's Place restaurant cafe located in the hustle & bustle of Liverpool Street Station, East London.

Barny (...owner of Barny's Place) targets to produce 'a salad a day' from the installation. Inspired by the Eden project, the installation uses the Autopot irrigation system. The window garden is suspended from the ceiling on a pulley system that allows the garden to be raised higher (& closer to grow lamps) or lowered for maintainance & harvesting.

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Chop'd, Green Park, London, W1

Growing Life specified & installed a bespoke hydro-terrace garden window for the client Chop'd, operating a chain of good quality fresh salad bars across London. Growing Life initially maintained the system, with view to training Chop'd in-house managers & staff to maintain the established garden & Growing Life taking a back seat supporting role.

The garden produces herbs - mainly basil - to sprinkle into the top of 'made-to-order' fresh salad boxes, adding an extra fresh aroma & taste to the healthy lunch bite.

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FARM:shop, Dalston Lane, London, E8

FARM:shop opened its doors in March 2011 at 20 Dalston Lane, once a derelict shop, is now a pioneering urban farming hub - a work and meet space, cafe and events venue packed to the rafters with living and breathing food - literally a farm in a shop - from the ground floor aquaponics cafe to the polytunnel outback and chickens of the roof (where the foxes can't get them!).

The enterprise is devised and run by Something & Son with the help of several fantastic partner organisations and a growing team of volunteers.

Experience the smell of the countryside next time you're in downtown Dalston.

GrowUp Aquaponics, Southwark, SE1

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What's growing on here then?, funded as a 'kickstarter' project, aims to show how fresh food can be grown anywhere in the city in a way that is ecologically sustainable and commercially scalable. For them, aquaponics is the technology that can make that vision a reality - by producing fresh fish and vegetables in a recirculating farming system. exciting transformation from a car park into a sustainable urban farm using a specially modified shipping container and greenhouse. Growing Life assisted with advice and supply of irrigation system components.

Top Boy, Channel 4 London, E8

A thrilling and raw four part drama about young lives lived on the edge in east London inner city drug and gang culture. Growing life provided Channel 4 producers with hydroponics advice and guidance for film sets along with props and equipment.