Canna Coco Canna Coco
Why use a coco specific nutrient?

Coco is 100% organic so has a higher cation exchange capacity (CEC). This means the substrate has the ability to hold and retain certain nutrients vigorously thus requiring these nutrients to be supplied in a special form that remains available to the plant.

Coco has a great buffer capacity. On the one hand this is an advantage, because it makes growing on CANNA COCO very user-friendly. However, this also makes it difficult to provide the medium with the right types and amounts of nutrients throughout.

Using 2 part nutrients.

Always use equal parts of A & B in your nutirent mix, adding part A to the water first, followed by an equal amount of volume B.

Instructions are provided on the bottles, or alternatively add A + B using an EC meter, such as the Bluelab EC Truncheon, to test the nutrient strength.