Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L
An innocent novice could be forgiven for mistaking coco for soil! It is however an excellent hydroponic medium, and an alternative media to soil, for growing in pots. Coco, made from the refined husk of coconut, is very airy for an ample supply of oxygen to your plants and, whilst organic in origin, is supplied free of germs and disease in 50L bags.

Horticultural testing and experience has often reported a 6-10% increase on yield compared to other mediums and with the use of less nutrient.

If using a potting mix, with coco the main ingredient, we recommend you use coco specific hydroponics nutrients. Why use Coco specific nutrients? Coco is 100% organic so has a higher cation exchange capacity (CEC). This means the substrate has the ability to hold and retain certain nutrients vigorously thus requiring these nutrients to be supplied in a special form that remains available to the plant.

A little coco facts & history...

Coco peat is the left over material after the fibres have been removed from the outermost shell (bolster) of the coconot. It took 1000 years to make this waste a medium of the future. The earliest recorded use of coco in the growing process was in the 11th century by Arabian traders. In 1862, John Lindeley, botanist, gardener and secretary of the Royal Horticultural Society introduced coco peat as a growing medium to English horticulture. Whilst society tests were positive, naturally present and harmful substances in the coco stunted its use in its infancy. In 1920, Marco Polo described the process of extracting fibres from coconuts. For centuries the process remained unchanged until the mid-late 20th century where new manufacturing technologies allowed the natural material to be turned into a sterile and valuable medium. A bonus as mountains of the raw material were piling up in places such as Sri Lanka and India and deemed waste.