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Propagation is the first stage in the life cycle of a plant. Growing Life's London shop stocks a wide range of products to help you propagate, and start growing indoors.

The section includes 'start up' growing mediums as well as propagators/humidity domes and horticultural lighting - all designed to give you the best start to this all important stage.

Propagating indoors is a great way to get the most of your outdoor urban garden, allowing you to start the season earlier. Get the most from your garden size and enjoy gardening more months of the year! Fantastic!

Soil & Growing Media

As well as soil (the organic gardeners natural choice) our London shop stocks soil-free - hydroponic - growing media, made from sterilised and inert materials.

The essential components for plant growth are light, water, air (above and below ground) and nutrients - soil is not a fundamental requirment. The roots absorb survival essentials for the plants. The growing media in this section offer different options to develop your plant root system - delivering water, nutrients and air to them.

Nutrients & Additives

"You are what you eat." For vibrant and healthy growth, plants require a good diet.

Our London shop is stocked with complete ranges of soil nutrients, coco nutrients and hydroponic nutrients from leading plant specialists: Field Marshal, Canna, Biobizz and Growth Technology.

With experience, gardeners often end up with their own unique feeding programs. To keep things simple for those with less gardening experience, we recommend sticking to one manufacturer and their instructions.

Home Composting

What do you currently do with your kitchen & garden waste?

Would you like to turn it into free, recycled, nutrient rich compost & organic plant foods to feed & energise your garden?

This section includes home composting solutions for doing just that.

Growers Toolbox

Section dedicated to the urban gardeners useful accessories, testers & handy little things odds & sods.

Our selection of goodies is carefully selected for the home & hobby grower. Here you'll find thermometers, timers, hooks, nutrients meters, pipettes, scissors, microscopes & much more.

Used Goods

We sometimes have used goods available - either from our test gardens or customers upgrading - for example lights, fans, pots, controllers. Want a bargain? Call us. We’ll let you know what's going cheap!

Grow Cabinets

"Growinglife are the UK's no. 1 expert and internationally recognised leaders in grow cabinet and grow tent technologies for cultivating plants in soil and hydroponics."

Growinglife started manufacturing and importing grow cabinets and grow tents in 2001. We have steadily grown in size, from our little East London workshop, to today where we also have a showroom shop (Islington, London) and online e-com store.

Since our beginning we have been committed to researching and sourcing the best new and innovative products.


Growing your own is very rewarding. Start by making sure that what you grow will be top quality, make sure you start with top quality seed stock.

Growing Life is a London based shop that offers a select range of premium quality seeds from Seeds of Italy. Enjoy choosing what to grow from our wide range of chilli seeds, herb seeds, lettuce seeds, organic seeds, salad seeds, tomato seeds and vegetable seeds..

Pots, Trays & Systems

Great news you've decided to grow your own! Whether you want to grow your own veggies in soil in patio containers, tomatoes on your balcony, hydroponic herbs indoors or flowers for your partner there is something for everyone.

Urban gardeners value time & space at a premium... and want great results & personal satisfaction by the bucket load! Our range of garden kits & growing systems are designed to meet these requirements.


There are three major considerations when thinking of providing optimal plant lighting:

1) Intensity - grow light power & reflective efficiency
2) Colour - blue & red light for stages of growth
3) Duration - timers & relays for day length

Everything you need for controlling these 3 factors can be found in this section.


Once you have the correct lighting conditions for your plants you can figure which inlet fan or fans or extractor fan or fans you need for getting the optimum air movement in and out of your space. If you need to filter your air then this section also contains all the products you'll need.