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Chilli seeds

Chillies are great fun & easy to grow. See how much punch you can pack into these little terrors.

We offer a carefully selected range of chilli seeds, with some hot, hot award winning options... not for the faint hearted.

Herb seeds

As well as having a wide range of uses, herbs offer excellent value to grow yourself, requiring the smallest of spaces & typically having a high weight:value ratio. Herbs are also easy to dry and preserve.

Growing Life offers a wide range of herb seeds from Basil to Borage to Peppermint and Wild Fennel.

Lettuce seeds

You can go from planting lettuce seeds to filling a crunchy salad sandwich in less than a month. Great for kids... or anyone with a short attention span... or salad munchers.

Compact plant size, easy to manage. Probably the shortest growing cycle crop we offer. Can be easily grown throughout the year indoors by supplimenting with low energy fluorescent lamp (blue spectrm), also known as CFLs.

Organic seeds

If you want an 'organic seeds stamp' with all the legal & certification hoops jumped through to meet your expectations, look here.

We would like to point out however, our seed collection is ALL produced under good, ethical practices & guidelines. Most of the species & varieties date hundreds of years, they have not been genetically modified in a laboratory,

Salad Accompaniment seeds

Turn your salad from ordinary into something special with some wild rocket & vibrant red radish colour.

Taste the difference, see the difference with our range of salad seeds. Grow something new this year.

Tomato seeds

Seasoned, classic grow-your-own crop. Not many people go though life without planting tomato seeds at some point.

A dedicated section for this favourite with a range of big, small, pretty & ugly tomatoes. Tomatoes are 'heavy feeders', making them particularly suited for hydroponic cultivation.

Vegetable seeds

Plant some of our vegetable seeds and fill your garden & table with a feast of treats...


halloween pumpkin...

Online Catalogue |  Seeds