We offer everything required to support growers during propagation, the first life cycle stage for growing from seed, cutting or graft. We stock a variety of unheated, heated and self watering propagators, cutting gels, foliar sprays and more. We also stock various growing mediums and accessories.

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Our Propagation Products and their uses

To assist seed propagation, or if taking cuttings, Growing Life offers a comprehensive range of propagation equipment from our urban garden and hydroponics shop based in North London on the border of the Boroughs of Islington & Hackney.  


Plant propagation typically performs best in a humid environment - we offer a selection of garden propagators including electric propagators with water pumps, e.g. aeroponic propagators - all designed to increase propagation success and include humidity lids with adjustable air vents to give control of humidity in this important stage. Young plants' new growth and rooting time can be improved with good temperature control, as well as heated propagators we offer a selection of heat mats with digital controllers (placed underneath any unheated propagator). 


Our propagation products also include propagation media for soil, coco coir, hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic cultivation. Once you have your propagator and seeds (or are ready to take cuttings) you’ll need to select a propagation media suited to the type of cultivation you intend to progress onto - for example peat pellets are ideal for container and pot growing but for a hydroponic garden rockwool cubes may be a better choice. The classic grow medium favourites include compressed peat pellets, rockwool ‘sbs’ starter cubes, light fertilised seedling soils, perlite, expanded clay pebbles, vermiculite and various pre-mixed blended products. For taking cuttings we offer rooting hormones and surgical scalpels. If you would like support on any of these topics please contact us directly.


Grow lights, from advances in horticultural technology, have presented growers the added benefit of being able to control light. For propagation energy saving grow lights are ideal including LED and fluorescent lighting (eg CFL grow lights or T5 strips).


Plant nutrients, to feed young plants. We offer a variety of liquid fertilisers tailored for propagation, root stimulants and full strength fertilisers (used at low dilution). 


We also sell pH and nutrient strength control products and a wide range of helpful bits and bobs.


Propagation Brands We Sell:

  • Stewart

  • Clonex

  • Nutriculture

  • HydroGarden

  • Field Marshal

  • Garland

  • Grodan

  • Cultilene

  • BioBizz

  • Jiffy

  • Plant!T

  • Root!T