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Growing Life - Propagation


We offer everything required to support growers during propagation, the first life cycle stage for growing from seed, cutting or graft. We stock a variety of unheated, heated, and self-watering propagators, cutting gels, foliar sprays and more.

Growing Life - Growing Mediums


As well as soil (the organic gardener's natural choice) our London shop stocks soil-free - hydroponic - growing mediums, made from sterilised and inert materials. 

Available Mediums: 

Soil, Coco, Rockwool, Vermiculite, Perlite, Cactus Substrate, Orchid Potting Mix, and Peat and Coco Pellets


Numerous brands and sizes of Grow Tents are available:

-Light House Lite

-Light House Max

-Secret Jardin and more!

Tents can also be pre-ordered if they aren't in stock in store. 

Looking for an entire tent kit? We are more than happy to assist you to find all the optimal equipment you need. and put together a package.

Growing Life - Grow Tent


Premium quality seeds from Seeds of Italy. Enjoy choosing what to grow from our wide range of seeds:






-vegetable and more!

Growing Life - Seeds of Italy - Franchi Seeds
Growing Life - LED Lumatek lighting - Grow Lighting


We supply grow lights to meet all budgets and requirements. We stock a variety of energy-efficient grow light systems including LED  and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs & T5 kits). We also supply “high-intensity discharge” (HID) light ballasts, reflectors, and lamps in different power and spectrums. Brands include Lumatek, Lumii, Sunmaster, Osram, and more!


We supply grow room environment essentials such as:

-fans (i.e. RVK, Systemair)


-filters (Rhino Pro, G.A.S)

-ducting (Acoustic, Combi, Phonic Trap)

-electric heaters


-odour control products (ONA, OCD)

-CO2 products

-Environment controllers.

All essential items for healthy growth in an enclosed area.

Growing Life - Grow room environment essentials


Irrigation: Wsupply all essentials for irrigation (Connectors, drippers, etc.) Please view our Irrigation services on the home page if you need assistance with set-up.

Hydroponics: All quality hydroponic systems available on the market, can be sourced, from 1 to 1000 plants at competitive prices and replacement parts to support them. All parts are available in-store or by pre-order

Growing Life - Irrigation and Hydroponics


We supply a comprehensive range of pots varying in size from little, for small plants to large, for large plants! Whether round or square, plastic or fabric we have them here, with saucers or garden trays to compliment.

Growing Life - Pots and Trays


Growing Life offers a large selection of plant nutrients and supplements for all growers and gardeners using soil or soilless garden systems. The range includes one, two and three part nutrient programs and nutrient additives for example enzyme, sugar/carbohydrate, vitamin, PK additives.

Growing Life - Canna Nutrients


To complement the core essentials in a garden: indoor, outdoor, or in a tent, we offer an extensive range of auxiliary accessories.

Everything from thermometers to electronic timers to pH Meters to grow room glasses.

Growing Life - Grow room accessories


Having grown your plants to maturity comes the last few steps to the cycle, which are just as important as the growing stages to ensure you get the best produce. We have a range of plant trimming scissors and time saving mechanical trimmers as well as airtight product storage ideas - enabling you to enjoy your harvest for many months ahead. 

Growing Life - Drying, Harvest, Cure


Sometimes there are unfortunate situations when growing plants. Growing Life provides customers with a wide range of pest solutions from sprays, glue traps, smoke bombs, and concentrated solutions. 

Growing Life - Pest Control
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